HexlubeTM Universal

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  • Relubricate Through Head
  • Universal Cam Follower Can Eliminate Need to Stock Screwdriver Slot or Unsealed Cam Followers
  • Sizes From 3/4" to 7" O.D.
  • Eccentric and Crowned Versions Available
  • Available in Standard Stud and Heavy Stud

RBC Bearings' new HexlubeTM Universal cam followers are designed with a unique lubricating feature. The RBC Hexlube™ Universal Cam Follower allows for relubrication through the hexagonal head of the cam follower, making relubrication in tight spots possible. In addition, the universal design of the RBC HexlubeTM Cam Follower can eliminate the need to stock both screwdriver slot and unsealed cam followers. RBC expects that most customers can reduce their inventory on stud type cam followers by 50% using this new universal line. The complete line is available in sizes with an outside diameter from 3/4 inch to 7 inches.

The RBC HexlubeTM Universal Cam Follower design provides the easiest and fastest way to relubricate cam followers in hard to reach places or in applications where stud access is limited. A cam follower that is properly maintained and lubricated will last longer than a cam follower that is neglected due to the difficulties posed by relubrication.

Companies looking to sharply reduce their inventory levels will recognize the value of RBC's universal design of the new HexlubeTM Cam Follower. By stocking the RBC HexlubeTM line, companies will no longer need to carry inventories of either screwdriver slot or unsealed cam followers. The entire line of RBC HexlubeTM Universal Cam Followers is dimensionally interchangeable with other needle bearing cam followers. The RBC HexlubeTM Universal Cam Follower is available in both eccentric and crowned versions. Both standard studs and heavy studs are available.

RBC HexlubeTM Universal Cam Followers are designed for applications such as automation and production equipment, bottling and canning, printing machinery, material handling, construction equipment, transfer lines, food processing, and packaging equipment.