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There are many items to be aware of when changing the bearings of a truck.  Always refer to the service manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations prior to servicing your heavy duty truck.

For the purpose of providing a level of guidance to change the wheel bearings there are publications put out by the Technology & Maintenance Council.  The most common document, RP 618, provides the procedural guidelines for setting wheel end clearance. This document explains in detail all the different parts involved, along with detailed procedures required to obtain the optimal wheel clearance of .001” to .005”.

Below is a link to the Technology & Maintenance website that will provide you with detailed information to change wheel bearings as well as many other maintenance procedures.  These are good resources and should be used as guidelines whenever you are servicing your heavy duty truck.

The Technology and Maintenance Council website address is listed below.

The Technology and Maintenance Council website address leading to RP618 is listed below.

For additional technical help call Tyson Dziob at 877-878-9766 (877-87-TYSON).


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