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Many factors affect the overall performance of FIBERGLIDE® bearings. Those of primary concern include applied load, surface velocity, operating mode, surface temperature, mating surface finish and running clearance.

All performance values referred to in this section are based on dry operation. When running in a fluid atmosphere, FIBERGLIDE® bearings may have limitations. Where application requirements exceed those shown, consult Transport Dynamics engineering department for specific recommendations.

FIBERGLIDE® lined bearings are designed to be used under oscillating motion, interrupted start-stop, or axial motion. They are recommended where high loads are combined with low surface speeds.


Metric Technical Data Conversions


  • 5,000 psi load
  • 10,000 psi load

Fiberglide® - Fabroid®

  • Comparisons with Other Self-Lubricating Bearings
  • Wear Curves