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RBC Turbine Components (TCI) sets new standards in the repair and manufacture of aircraft gas turbine engine and auxiliary power unit (APU) assemblies. TCI utilizes cutting-edge technologies, advanced processes, and enhanced materials to improve product performance.

TCI specializes in overhaul and repair of:

  • Combustion liner assemblies
  • Combustor cases/housings
  • Honeycomb construction exhaust nozzles (titanium and stainless steel)
  • Structural strut cases (inlet, intermediate, turbine exhaust, free turbine)
  • Bearing supports
  • Ducts (inlet, transition, exhaust)
  • Cases (compressor, turbine, gas generator)
  • Plenums and sump housings
  • Compressor stator assemblies
  • Compressor blade tip restoration

TCI also manufactures new assemblies:

  • Combustion liner assemblies
  • Combustor cases/housings
  • Load compressors
  • Plenums and sump housings
  • Inlet cases
  • Exhaust silencers
  • Avionics heat sink housings
  • Specialty gas turbine static hardware
Argon chamber welding
Brazing loading
EB welding
Nozzle patch repairs
Robotic Plasma spray
Tig welding
Vacuum Furnace